Our Goals
Goals for children at Little Ones

Development of Socialization Skills -  
Children ages 6 weeks- 5 tend to be self-
centered by nature.  Learning to function in a
group setting, developing qualities of sharing
and helping others takes opportunity and
guidance; with this guidance children will not
only learn how to relate to other children they
will also learn how to relate to adults other than

Development of Skills & Concepts -   There is
a whole educational concept that a child will
learn skills and concepts when he is ready.  We
a little Ones believe in a balanced educational
concept where we provide a print rich
environment and encourage the development of
various skills and concepts.  With this program a
child will receive the educational reinforce-
meant  they need to guide them through their
skills at their own pace.  

Development of a positive self-image -    
"Children with positive self-concepts tend to
learn well.  If we put primary emphasis on the
skills that children do possess (NOT JUST
ACADEMIC SKILLS), we might succeed in
building the self-esteem that would make
academic success possible".  Dr. Jerome
Kagan, Harvard University